Five Star ITM Customer Journey

Five Star Credit Union Launches New ITMs

The Stats

  • Five Star Credit Union, Dothan AL

  • $460 million in assets, 17 branches

  • 130 employees (70 are branch staff)

  • Branch network rural Alabama and Georgia

  • Low income, blue-collar membership

  • Jack Henry Symitar core

  • Installed 12 Hyosung core integrated ITMs in 2019

  • Installing 13 more in 2020

Five Star Case Study Pano


Reasons For ITM Deployment


Create specialized branch staff primarily focused on member experience and onboarding.

24 / 7

Expand member services to allow 24/7 access.

Franchise Model

Expand faster with a lower cost structure than traditional branches. Reduce overall transaction cost. 54% of membership perform a transaction in a branch monthly

Core Competency

Turn technology development into a core competency.


  • Opened 3 new ITM branches in 2019

  • Opened in February, March, and April

  • 12 total ITMs (4 per branch - 2 lobby and 2 drive-thrus)

  • 2 of 3 branches are now top 5 most transacted branches

  • The 3rd branch is 7th

  • Members migrating from traditional branches to new technology branches

  • Members requesting ITMs for traditional branches

  • Staff can focus on problem resolution and onboarding

“Partnering with QDS was the obvious choice because of their knowledge, vision, and passion for our industry and the new ITM technology”

Tyler Beck, COO Five Star Credit Union


  • Lower cost

  • Require 2,500 transactions to justify 1 FTE Teller position

  • FTE salary and benefits equal $40,000

  • Transactions processed by the machines monthly would require 10.5 FTE

  • $240,000 savings in annual staffing costs due to ITMs
  • 7,000-10,000 transactions per branch/per month

  • 93% of all branch transactions performed by ITMs

  • 70% - 75% of transactions are performed via drive-thru ITMs

  • “Will never buy a traditional ATM again”

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