First Port City Bank Success Story

First Port City Bank Reduces Daily Vault Trips & Increases Teller Line Efficiency with Cash Recycler

Cash Automation is part of Transformation

The leadership of First Port City Bank first considered utilizing cash recyclers when they were planning the pod style design of their new branch in Donalsonville, Georgia. But, after meeting with QDS and seeing how the recycler could transform their existing branches, they elected to also install CIMA 7000 recyclers in the teller line of their two Bainbridge, Georgia locations.

Cash Recycler

Tedious Teller Line Tasks

First Port City Bank typically operates with three to four tellers on their main line and those tellerswere spending a lot of time each day on trips to the vault, making till maintenance a challenge. 

“Before the cash recycler, we were making at least 8-10 vault trips per day and each trip had to be done in dual control, which for us requires an Officer,” said Head Teller Jennifer East. “Now, tellers can buy and sell directly from the recycler which not only simplifies our daily teller line process but also helps with the speed and accuracy that we are able to serve our customers.”

The cash recycler is also flexible enough to support any staffing changes that may occur allowing the bank to move another teller to the recycler to fill in.   The recycler has also enabled the branches to better handle the volume of seasonal workers they see and process their transactions faster.

We absolutely love our cash recycler. It save us so much time and provides added security

Jennifer East, Head Teller, First Port City Bank

Universal Staffing Powered By Automation

First Port City’s President’s vision is for the bank to have a truly customer-centric in-branch experience. “We want to get to point where any employee can help a customer with any transaction,” said Kristy Harrell, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. “Our goal is to move to a true universal teller staffing model and the cash recyclers allow us to shed the confines of the teller line.”

“We absolutely love our cash recycler,” said East. “It saves us so much time and provides added security serving as a vault at the teller line. The machine is so accurate that it has helped us with balancing at the end of the day and overall has been a real asset.”

First Port City Bank is so pleased with the improvements the recyclers have made in the teller lines that they plan on installing recyclers in their drive throughs as well.

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