Are you prepared for windows 10?

The countdown is on! Windows 10 goes live January 14th 2020. 

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Protect Your Fleet

With the new support of Windows 10 you can better protect your fleet from cyber attacks, hackers and external threats facing your clients

Enhance Your Security

Fleet remains PCI compliant, evading fines. Decreased risk for cyber-attacks and maintained reputation for safety of consumer information.

Serve Your Clients

Provide the latest in branch transformation and self-service technologies. Enable ATM loT and drive strategic growth.

Windows 7 Support Ending

After January 14th, Windows will not: Provide security patches or updates, or have technical support for WIN7.

What does this mean for your FI? 
Fleets will become non-PCI compliant, leading to fines. There will be a higher risk for cyber-attacks. Reputation will be at risk on the safety of consumer information. 

Windows 10 implementation is an opportunity to bring the omnichannel banking world to life. It will allow clients to support the latest branch transformation & self-service technologies. ATM IoT (Internet of Things) will be eligible for enabling. Smart sensors, Biometrics, contactless/mobile payments will be possible. Windows 10 activation will also provide room to drive strategic growth.

QDS Next Steps

Schedule a meeting with one of our sales reps in your territory to discuss Windows 10 and learn the steps to becoming Win10 Ready.

QDS - Lisa Ayers
Lisa Ayers
Sales - VA
QDS - Todd Gray
Todd Gray
Sales - NC & SC
QDS - John Minesinger
John Minesinger
Sales - GA
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Brian Sutton
Sales - FL
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Haven Ilgenfritz
Sales - LA/MS/AL
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Michael Tilford
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