Jetstream FCU Success Story

Jetstream FCU Differentiates Branch Experience with Design & Automation

Using Design and Technology to Better Serve Members

In today’s competitive financial institution landscape it can be very hard to stand out in the crowd. Jetstream FCU had the opportunity to take a new space in a popular area, but needed help determining how best to use a space that wasn’t your typical branch footprint. 

Jetstream Tellers

Their experience resulted in a very unique anchor location, within a vibrant market coupled with technology that really maximized the in-branch member experience.

Capitalizing on a Unique Opportunity

“We knew the unique shape of the space would be a challenge to design. Level 5’s expertise was invaluable - they were able to take a non-traditional floorplan of space and create a ‘WOW’ experience for our members that really encapsulated our brand.” – Aaron Small, COO Jetstream FCU.

“At JetStream we have made significant competitive gains in our markets by simultaneously improving operational efficiency and the member experience. We wanted to implement the latest in cash handling technology to ensure our tellers were efficient and could focus on serving the needs of our members. After meeting with both Level 5 and QDS we decided to implement the CIMA cash recycler from QDS. The CIMA cash recycler has enabled our team to provide members with an improved in-person branch experience.” – Jeanne Kucey, CEO JetStream FCU.

We wanted to implement the latest cash handling technology so that our tellers could focus on the needs of our members.

Jeanne Kucey, CEO, JetStream FCU

Improving Processes With Automation

“Balancing. It’s SO easy to balance at the end of the day. We love being able to accept cash deposits from our members and give them cash back from the same machine. We keep virtually no cash in our drawers anymore which is great for us.” – Head Teller

Streamlining processes, procedures, and enhanced employee training have provided JetStream FCU’s members with an improved in-branch member experience.

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