Georgia Heritage Bank Success Story

Georgia Heritage Bank Sees Deposit Growth Through Automation at the ATM

Georgia Heritage Bank Partners with QDS

Project: Replace 2 NCR Personas ATMs with Hyosung 7600i w/CCiM and CFS Consolidator Server

Additional Options: QDS Custom Screen Graphics Package, ATM Wrap

Georgia Heritage Bank was eager to offer greater functionality beyond cash dispensing within its ATM fleet. The bank called on their current service partner QDS, who maintains the bank’s NCR ATMs, to help them evaluate the Hyosung line of deposit automation ATMs.

“We were not familiar with the Hyosung brand and spent a lot of time in due diligence and found that this line of ATMs was the most reliable machines we’ve ever had. This project could not have gone any smoother and QDS supported us from start to finish,” said Kim Wheeler, VP Retail Banking for Georgia Heritage Bank.

The bank was unsure how their customers would adopt deposit automation and migrate their transactions, but results continue to outpace expectations.

“We have seen growth in deposits at the ATM month over month for the last 7-8 months as well as a large increase in deposits after hours,” continued Wheeler.

“The ability to provide the convenience to make deposits 24/7 reaffirms our commitment to providing the best service and experience to our customers.”Hyosung ATM

Genevieve Cole, President & CEO for Georgia Heritage added, “Being a community bank, we are encouraged that our new ATMs have the functionality and the appearance of the national/regional banks' ATMs.” 

“We are delighted to see the success that Georgia Heritage has experienced with their deposit program.  We aim to provide strategic value to our clients and to see the return on their investment in deposit automation and transaction growth is gratifying,” said Sean Farrell, CEO of QDS.

“It's a pleasure doing business with Sean and his team - which is something all of us bankers wish we could say for every vendor,” said Georgia Heritage CFO Angel Byrd.

“When making our decision on new ATMs based on price, features, vendor, etc., we didn't realize that the most popular feature (other than deposit automation) would be a feature unique to the Hyosung ATM - the tilting screen.”

Georgia Heritage has a unique back-end processing set up and QDS worked with CFS, their consolidator server partner, to deliver files where needed and ensure the process worked for the bank.  Georgia Heritage also recently implemented QDS’ ATM managed services program that provides greater remote repair and software patching. 

“We are very happy to have QDS as a partner and the Hyosung ATMs have performed beyond expectations.  We wanted to provide greater value to our customers by accepting image deposits and we are so pleased to see the ongoing success of this offering,” said Wheeler.

Georgia Heritage’s diligence in promoting the new deposit functionality was crucial to creating customer awareness and comfort with using the ATM for deposits.  The decision to invest in deposit automation is not an easy one to make, but the efficiency and convenience for the customer has been a great benefit to Georgia Heritage Bank.

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