First Bank of Clewiston Success Story

Value and Integrity Drive Successful Partnership

Value and Integrity Drive Successful Partnership

First Bank of Clewiston was one of QDS’ first clients in southern Florida back in 2014 when the territory expansion began. Initially, the bank expressed that they were not thrilled with their current level of service on their equipment. Upon further conversation, the bank was also in the market for cash automation implementation and looking to make a change in their ATM channel. This was the beginning of the QDS/First Bank of Clewiston relationship.

QDS and their values really aligned well with ours. They were committed to putting a tech down here to essentially to take care of our service needs while they were growing their business in South Florida.

We took that promise as an important step in our relationship and they haven’t wavered on any promises since.

Andrew Couse, COO First Bank of Clewiston

QDS started by installing CIMA teller cash recyclers in a few locations after a short pilot in the busiest branch was deemed successful. The CIMA units acted as workhorses for the high cash transactions the bank’s customers brought in.

QDS has also brought the bank Hyosung MS500 TCR technology, a cassette-based recycler offering greater speed and capacity as well as additional functionality with the unique transit cassette these additional features will further help First Banks busiest branches.

"The Hyosung has increased capacity and speed that will be beneficial in our high traffic branches."

"The CIMA is extremely reliable, a virtual tank that just keeps going."

MS500 AST-7016


Once QDS had established credibility with cash automation, the ATM channel discussion around service and managed services kicked in. QDS was able to service their existing NCR ATMs previously purchased elsewhere and provided new Hyosung ATMs going forward.

Overall, the relationship has steadily grown, as First Bank of Clewiston continues to look for added efficiency across the franchise and continues to be pleased with the service that QDS delivers.

We were able to buy, for the first time, new ATMs for close to the cost of the previous refurbished ATMs we had bought before.

The Hyosung ATMs provided great value and QDS was able to offer remote capabilities through their ATM Managed Services on the units to drive even greater support value for us being in the middle of the state.

Andrew Couse, COO First Bank of Clewiston


shutterstock_534008512_5 pointsAUTOMATION

Why did you choose cash automation in the first place?

This was driven by increasing compliance needs as we needed to gather more information and data making teller transactions even more involved. The fact is that the transaction time at the teller line takes longer than it did 10-12 years ago. Cash automation was the obvious place to look for increasing efficiency and focusing more on the customer.

What is the impact if we took automation away from one of the branches?

The branches that the recyclers have been at would be another full employee at each location if we didn’t have the recyclers. 40k cost impact directly at minimum and that is a forever cost if you increase your staffing levels. It pays for itself, no doubt.


Have you seen increases in uptime?

Overall uptime has been very good from the beginning with QDS. Our two busiest branches have two recyclers in them and the foot traffic has increased and has allowed us to maintain the same employee ratio while delivering on our service. Clear impact to our efficiency.


How has QDS impacted your customer service?

Automation has been great for our branch efficiency. Providing the flexibility for the employees to move in and out of the teller line on demand allowed us to deliver the level of service our customers expect while becoming much more efficient as a team.


Did you change how you hire based on automation?

At this point we have got entire branches of tellers now who have never really known it any other way. There were skeptical looks for the old school tellers so as they have left, most of our branches who have recyclers started under the recycler from day 1.

What metrics that you are measuring or tracking that for the cash automation piece?

AI track my staffing level and new account staff by branch and I break it down by teller activity per month for FTE and so we were able to increase those. It is really about a person per an office where we have implemented the recyclers. When we switched, the tellers really fell in love with the recyclers fast. Spoke on being less stressed and having more confidence in balancing the drawers. When a machine goes offline, and they go into a drawer, the tellers are reminded of the old way and how much they love recyclers.


What gives you the confidence to refer us to others in the market?

The performance that we’ve experienced but it is also because we are an organization that has big values and that is what we see in QDS as an organization. That commitment to value and doing the right thing. Established on a firm foundation of guidance and principles.

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Can Cash Automation help you too?

If you would like to know more about how QDS can transform your branch and bring you success please get in touch with one of our regional sales directors now!

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