Peoples Bank Improves ATM Performance & Up-Time by Leveraging QDS Service & Managed Services Programs

Fleet:  22 NCR ATMs

Previous provider:  NCR Direct

“The issues that we were experiencing had boiled up to the board level, and the frustration felt about our ATM channel was Peoples Bank NC.pngpalpable throughout our company,” said Walt Joyce, CTO of Peoples Bank of NC.  Peoples Bank is a high-touch community bank, focused on exceptional customer service and the bank was feeling the effects of poor uptime of their ATMs, even though their current vendor was meeting their service level agreements.  Constant service calls and consistent downtime led to frustrated customers and the bank knew that something needed to change drastically.

“Our cash automation partner, QDS, presented a unique solution to solve our ATM challenges.  Not only could they provide the standard first and second line maintenance, but their ATM managed services program including remote diagnostic and repair really piqued our interest,” Joyce said.  After careful consideration and thoughtful conversations with Peoples Bank staff about their satisfaction with QDS’ cash automation service, the two sides collaborated to draft up a plan.

“Our goal with the managed services program is to tie ourselves to our customer’s success using the most important metric to our customers:  uptime.  To us, response time and number of technicians doesn’t matter.  We care that when your customer goes to use the ATM, it works and they are able to complete their necessary transactions without issue,” said Sean Farrell, QDS, CEO.

Over a span of a few weeks, QDS and Peoples Bank built a custom agreement to meet the performance expectations of People’s Bank and create an uptime guarantee.


When QDS took over service of Peoples Bank’s ATMs, the fleet uptime percentage was in the low 80s.  After two months of utilizing managed services to monitor and remotely repair the ATMs, QDS improved the uptime percentage to over 99%.  In addition to the performance improvement of the machines, QDS has been able to eliminate many internal tasks that were being handled by Peoples Bank staff, allowing them to refocus on more important projects.

“We are delighted with our decision to move our ATM service to QDS.  The results have surpassed our expectations.  To anyone looking to improve their ATM performance, we would highly recommend QDS and their managed service program!”  said Kyle Merck, Peoples Bank Service Delivery Manager.


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